Friday, September 28, 2012

New Books

 I love getting new ACR books for my classroom.
The kids get so excited about checking one out.

These books are some of my favorite to recommend to the kids.

 They won't stay here long.

The kids are begging to check one out. 
Anticipation is part of the fun.
Even Einstein approves of these titles.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tea Cart

This is the lastest addition to the Big Woods...purchased at a yard sale. 

It is a tea cart that is foldable.
I think it will eventually find its way to the screen porch.  But for now, it sits here by the kitchen.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chocolate Special K Cookies

My son left for college about three weeks ago.
This is the only excuse I have for my absence from blogging.
(I actually don't think one has
 anything to do with the other...but it sounds like a good excuse.)
This past weekend was his first
weekend home from school. 
So naturally, I made cookies all weekend.
I still love these chocolate chip cookies...the recipe that I borrowed from "the butler".
My son's favorite cookies are Special K cookies.
I wanted to make two batches, so that he could take some to share some with his roommates;
but, I didn't have enough Special K.
My husband suggested I try the chocolate variety of Special K that I had in the cabinet.
Here are the results:

Because you add the cereal after you take
the mixture off the stove, I wasn't really expecting the chocolate to melt. 
What we ended up with was absolutely delicious. 
I am not sure that I would say they are better than the original, but they are definitely different.
I will make these again!!!


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