Chocolate Special K Cookies

by - September 07, 2012

My son left for college about three weeks ago.
This is the only excuse I have for my absence from blogging.
(I actually don't think one has
 anything to do with the other...but it sounds like a good excuse.)
This past weekend was his first
weekend home from school. 
So naturally, I made cookies all weekend.
I still love these chocolate chip cookies...the recipe that I borrowed from "the butler".
My son's favorite cookies are Special K cookies.
I wanted to make two batches, so that he could take some to share some with his roommates;
but, I didn't have enough Special K.
My husband suggested I try the chocolate variety of Special K that I had in the cabinet.
Here are the results:

Because you add the cereal after you take
the mixture off the stove, I wasn't really expecting the chocolate to melt. 
What we ended up with was absolutely delicious. 
I am not sure that I would say they are better than the original, but they are definitely different.
I will make these again!!!

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