Christmas Highlights

by - December 26, 2014

Our Christmas Celebration began with a gathering of my husband's family to recreate the Christmas Eve's that were spent at their Maw's and Paw Paw's house many years ago. 
It was a great time.
The Christmas tree in the photo is a similar one to the cedar tree that was always in their home. 
It was very simple with lights and tinsel.
I love this tree.
The tree is a great reminder of a simpler time and place filled with a lot of love.

 This beautiful nativity set was hand knitted by my
Sewing Sister. 
She can sew or knit just about anything.
I think it is awesome.
Her grand daughters will love playing with it.

 This is a picture taken at my Lynchburg sister's home.
We spent Christmas Eve at her house.

 She recently purchased and added this beautiful cabinet to her home.
I love her decorations.

My daughter and I made these Christmas tea cakes for our final celebration on Christmas day.
You can find the recipe for them here:
It has been a great Christmas.

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