Peanut Butter Balls

by - December 22, 2011

Does your family have a favorite Christmas candy you make year after year???

Even when I was a kid, we always made peanut butter balls.

My own children love peanut butter balls.
This year my daughter made these all by herself using the directions from last year's blog post:
She added a special twist to our peanut butter balls this year.
She added a Christmas m&m to the center of one of the peanut butter balls.
The person who gets this special peanut butter ball gets to open a present early on Christmas Eve.

She also chose to make this year's candy using candy bars and paraffin for the chocolate coating. (1/2 bar paraffin and 2 large 8oz. bars Hershey's chocolate) We all agree we like this method better than the candy quick we used last year.

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