Chicken Salad

by - February 07, 2011

One of my very favorite things is homemade chicken salad.  I usually cook a whole chicken, pull it from the bone, and use part of it for chicken salad and the rest for something else...sometimes chicken and noodles, sometimes a chicken casserole.

The secret to my chicken salad is my Nashville Brother's homemade chunk sweet pickles.  You may remember these from my post on potato salad.

After dicing up my chicken, I add 4 diced boiled eggs.

Next, I add some diced pickle...about 6-7 chunks.  (I also pour in a little pickle juice...maybe a teaspoon.)

I always salt my chicken when cooking could add pepper at this point.
I ploppppppp in some mayonaise.  You'll want to add this to your taste.

Stir together and chill.

There is just something satisfying about knowing there is a bowl of homemade chicken salad in the refrigerator.

I'm linking up with Tidy Mom.  You can check out her blog for some great ideas.

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