Potato Salad

by - May 10, 2010

My Mother-in-law makes the best potato salad.  I didn't like potato salad until about three years ago, and now I love it.  She shared her recipe with me...I can get close, but hers is the best. 

You will need the following:
     potatoes                                  pickles
     8 boiled eggs                           mayonaise
     salt                                          mustard
     pepper                                    onion

I believe one of the secrets to good potato sald is dicing the potatoes really small.  Cook them in water over medium heat until tender when touched with a fork...don't cook too long.

After cooking, drain the potatoes in a strainer, cool, and then place them back in the original pan.  Another secret is to let the potatoes cool before you start adding other ingredients.  First add salt and pepper to taste.

Next chop about 1/2 of an onion and some pickles to taste.  I like to use vidalia onions, and if you have access to chunk sweet pickles, they will make your potatoe salad delicious.  I am very lucky that my Nashville brother makes chunk pickles from the cucumbers in his garden and gives them to us every year for Christmas.  I count on these pickles for my potato salad and my chicken salad.  (Brother if you happen to be reading this, I have a very special "pickle" gift for you the next time you are home.  And no, it is not canning jars so you can make me more pickles. Ha)
Be sure to dice your pickles and onions super fine.  Nobody wants a big bite of onion when biting into their potato salad.

You'll want to boil 8 eggs ahead of time and let them cool.

Also, dice your eggs super fine.

Now it is time for the mayo and the mustard.

Add a small dab of mustard and larger dabs of mayonaise.  Once again, add to your taste...just enough to make the potato salad moist but not liquidy.

And there you have it, a lovely bowl of potato salad.  Be sure to refrigerate when complete.



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