Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Long Table Party

The Long Table Party is quickly becoming our favorite way to entertain in the Big Woods.  My Lynchburg Sister and I set up this party to entertain a favorite group of ladies from our church called the Hope Circle.

 We chose a nice spot in the field beside our barn to set up the tables.

 It was my Lynchburg Sister who was the creative brains behind this adventure.

 The colorful napkins are from the Pioneer Woman line and tied with jute.  

 The awesome lanterns came from the Spotted Cow store in our local town.

 The church ladies seemed to really enjoy sitting around the table and visiting.

 My favorite part of the night was the program presented by our leader about the importance of sitting around a table with your family at every meal.  It is something my family has always done, and I cherish that time.

 Every guest left with a lovely miniature succulent that was setting at their place at the table.

 And now, we all have great memories of a relaxing evening gathered around a table.

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