by - May 28, 2014

It is spring time in the Big Woods, which means it is time to try and add a little color to our surroundings.

 Finding plants that will grow in the deep shade is very difficult.
These petunias are beautiful now, but the blooms will probably not last long.
 This basket of vine is doing well.
 I usually have pretty good luck with impatients.
 Planting in baskets is fun. 
This is one of my favorites this year.
 I picked these baskets up at Good Will.
You can usually find some very inexpensive baskets there that are good for using outdoors.
 School is now out for the summer.
 I hope this will give me the chance to give my plants a little more attention.
 Some perennials, like this foam flower require very little attention.
These two plants came back from last year and are doing great.
 These hostas and fern also come back every year.

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