Onion Rings

by - August 06, 2013

There are two things I fondly remember eating at my husband's grandmother's house when we were dating; fried pies and onion rings.
Maw Sanders made the best fried pies. 
I have never eaten a fried pie anywhere else that was like hers.
She also made amazing onion rings.
We ate them at her house with fish every 4th of July.
I am very blessed to have her recipe and to share it with you.

You will need:
1 cup self-rising flour
1/2 cup evaporated milk
1 egg
6 Tablespoons water
2 Tablespoon oil
Vidalia onions

Mix all ingredients together, except onions.

Prepare onions by peeling, slicing, and separating.

Use a fork to coat the onions with batter.
Let onions and batter set in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Heat oil and add onions using a fork.
I use canola oil.
I usually stir the onions around with the fork to coat them, before I carefully drop them into the oil.

When the onions brown on one side, carefully turn them to brown on the other side.
Then, remove the onions to paper towels to drain.
I don't try to separate the onions into individual rings; I leave them stuck together in small clusters.
Serve the onion rings hot.

My children do not remember Maw.
I remember very well being at Maw's house one day when I was expecting my daughter.
We were discussing the names we had picked out for my daughter.  
We knew her first name would be Emma, but we had not decided on a middle name.
Maw suggested that her middle name should be Grace, because she just loved the name Grace.
The very next day, Maw Sanders passed away.
Of course, my daughter's name is Emma Grace.
The funny thing is how much Emma Grace is like her Great Grandmother.
She loves colorful jewelry; she has a tough side and a soft side; she loves to talk; and she is very independent.
I hope some day my Emma will make these onion rings and know that her Maw would have loved to have met her. 

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