Our Special Place

by - July 07, 2013

Our favorite place in the Big Woods has become a place that is not in the Big Woods at all...
It is actually in front of the Big Woods.

It is in fact an area that we have created between the woods and the wheat field.

It is a place that was started by hanging a swing from the branch of a beautiful oak tree.
And now it has grown to be a place for family and friends to gather and visit.
It is a place where my husband and I try to spend a few minutes every day.

 Chairs have been added...flowers have been added..citronella candles have been added...

 The peace and quiet were all there to start with...we just had to find this place and become a part of it.

 The view from this spot under the tree is always changing.
The wheat is now gone and soybeans have just been planted.
  A cornfield is now visible from this very spot.

 The scenery changes with the time of year and with the time of day.

 But always...it is a place where I can go and think about my family.  
It is a place where I can remember and appreciate all the people of my past who worked hard to purchase this land that I am now honored to live on and be a part of.

 It is a place that I hope my children will always cherish and remember their raising the same way I remember mine.

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