Chocolate Chip Muffins

by - June 08, 2013

My children love it when I make 
chocolate chip muffins.  
Up until this week, I have gotten away with using the box mixes from the grocery store.
For some reason, I decided to look for a recipe on the internet to make muffins from scratch.

Oh what a recipe I found.
These are the best chocolate chip muffins ever.
This website is now a permanent part of my top computer tool bar.
I have already made four batches.

If you decide to try making them, I highly recommend closely following the directions on the website. 
I think it is important to not stir too much, and I love the way the oil, egg, and milk are mixed together in the measuring cup.
Also, I use regular salt, and I always use 
milk chocolate chips.
I hope you get a chance to make some for yourselves.
(Just please don't tell my kids they contain 
sour cream.)

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