Harvest Festival

by - October 16, 2012

The annual Harvest Festival at my church was last Saturday.  It was a huge success.
I have lots of pictures to share from the day, but I thought I would start with pictures from my favorite table this year.

First of all...I just love these ghosts.
They are very simple and very cute.

And of course, it is no secret how much I like Happy Home Flavorings. 
I purchased the Strawberry and Peppermint variety this year.
I will let you know what I make with these as soon as I figure out what I can make.

Some cute fall arrangements were added to this table.

Quote the raven, "Nevermore".

There were no ghosts left at the end of the day.
We had very few arrangements left and only a few flavorings. 
The crowd was steady all day.
I will share more pictures later.

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