Monteagle Inn

by - July 06, 2012 has been 25 years since
my husband and I said "I do". 
Time just goes by so fast.
It has been a wonderful 25 years, and yes I would do it again.
We wanted to do something special to celebrate, so we decided to spend a couple of nights at an Inn on the top of Monteagle Mountain.

I would highly recommend the Monteagle Inn to anyone wanting to get away for a few days.  We had a great time.
This porch was so relaxing...there is a swing on the other end.  Fresh lemonade and cookies are available whenever you like. 

The gardens are beautiful even though it has been so hot and dry in our area.

We enjoyed walking around the gardens late in the evenings.  The Methodist Church next door has chimes that play on the hour with occasional music.  This is a very nice touch.

There are places to relax all over the property. 
They even have hammocks on the lawn.

Even though there are 13 rooms in this inn...there are so many places to sit and relax, we felt like we were alone the entire time.

Each room is decorated differently.
My favorite thing was the blue and white draperies that were all over the inn. 

The breakfast is included and was prepared using produce from the garden.
It was delicious both days we were there.
I definitely hope to go back again someday.
You can find it at:

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