Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yard Sale in the Corn Field

Yesterday, my sisters and I finished up a 3 day Yard Sale in the Big Woods.
(We missed you Sewing Sister.)
We held our sale in the field that is in front of our house, right next to our favorite swing.

It was a great "country" yard sale.
There is just something about a yard sale that you have to drive a ways to get to...

There is just something about a yard sale by the corn field.
There are things you can buy at a "country" yard sale that you would never find in the city.

I know one thing for sure.
This Yard Sale completely wore our dogs out.
They spent 3 days running from the house to the field and barking at every other car.
They had never seen so many visitors in the Big Woods.


Amish Stories said...

Looks like a very nice place to live. Richard

Candy said...

Wish I had known about it!!! I know you had bunches of goodies.


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