by - June 28, 2012

A pillow and a blanket make a hammock
much more enjoyable. 
The blanket is not for covering...it is much better to use a blanket in a hammock to lie upon.

I chose to enjoy my hammock a few Sundays ago on a beautiful summer evening.
The weather was perfect to relax and do a little reading.

I vowed to return to this hammock more often...
it has not had much use since my husband hung it for me.
However, the temperatures in the Big Woods have climbed each day, until we have found ourselves in the middle of a heat wave with temps reaching 100.
This is not the best hammock relaxing weather.
I can't help but think about the Soup Nazi on Jerry Seinfield, "No soup for you."
"No hammock relaxing for you."

Oh yeah...and the book in the picture is now overdue at our public library.
I can't seem to get in the reading mode these days.
Maybe when the weather cools off.

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