Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flea Market

I am really enjoying my "finds" from the
Dog Days Flea Market.
We went there on Memorial Day. 
I purchased this chalkboard for my kitchen.

Here is a closer look.
My family has enjoyed this chalkboard...we've had lots of fun with what to write on it.

I bought this second chalkboard for my daughter's room.  I love the turquoise color of the frame.

 My favorite purchase is this CorningWare tray.
I used it tonight to hold my grilled cheeseburgers.
It was perfect for that.
I can wash it in the dishwasher or put it in the oven.
We always go to Dog Days on Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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Anonymous said...

I heard Sundays and Mondays are the biggest days, even on Labor Day/Memorial Day weekends. What days do you typically go on the holiday weekends? What would you recommend?


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