Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

by - July 10, 2011

We love to make homemade ice cream during the summer months here in the Big Woods. 
This easy chocolate ice cream is definitely my family's favorite...and I am thankful, because it is super easy to make.
You will need:
1/2 gallon chocolate milk
12 ounces cool whip
1 can evaporated milk

Begin by mixing together the cool whip and evaporated milk.

Slowly add the chocolate milk and continue mixing.  I usually do not add all of the milk, because my bowl is not big enough.  I will pour this mixture into my ice cream freezer, and then I will add the rest of the chocolate milk, stirring it all together with a long spoon.

I always set my ice cream freezer in my sink while I am pouring up the mixture...just in case I have a spill.
You can see here that pieces of the cool whip have risen to the top that did not get mixed in well...this will not hurt a thing.
Add your dasher and lid and prepare to freeze.

We have a very large sink in our Utility Room where I set my freezer to avoid more messes.  I plug in the freezer to begin running, and then I add a layer of ice.

Next, comes a layer of rock salt.
Then, another layer of ice and a layer of rock salt on top.  Continue to add ice to the freezer as it melts.
I usually use 1 bag of ice.

This is the ice cream salt I use.  I remember when I was a little girl, my Daddy made ice cream that would not freeze.  After trying forever, he finally realized he had used sand instead of salt.  You must have good salt to freeze ice cream.

Most freezers stop running when the ice cream is ready.  I usually remove the container from the ice. Be sure to wipe off the lid before you remove it.  You do not want to get any salt water in the ice cream.

Remove the dasher and enjoy.
One thing I like about this ice cream is that it does well when stored in the refrigerator freezer.  Just use some plastic containers for storage. 

Also, we have found we like the taste better when using low fat chocolate milk, fat free eagle brand milk, and low fat or lite cool whip.

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