Ground Covers

by - July 06, 2011

A few years after we moved to the Big Woods, I began planting ground covers.  The idea actually came from my husband, who suggested I plant things in circles around the trees in our front yard. 

After actually seeing this done in a yard where a friend's wedding took place, I came home inspired and began cleaning and tilling to make circular beds.

We have four different kinds of ground cover.
Each one was given to me by friends.
This one spreads very quickly and has a large purple bloom in the Spring.

This one is a little more decorative and has a larger purple flower that blooms on the tips of the vines.

This is Vinca Vine with a little Ivy mixed in.  The Vinca has lots of small purple blooms in the Spring.  We also have a couple of beds of just Ivy.

We mow around the beds to keep the ground covers from spreading too far.  There is no grass to mow...just moss between the beds that give us a path for walking.

The ground cover can also be clipped and brought inside for arrangements.

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