Flower Arrangements

by - July 05, 2011

Sometimes, I need a little lot of motivation to help me clean my house.  It helps when I finish a room, if I can arrange a small bouquet of flowers to brighten it up.  This is my screened porch bouquet for this week...all picked from our yard in the Big Woods.

This Kitchen window bouquet is from a dragon wing begonia.  The nice thing about this bouquet is that the pieces will root, and I can set them out in pots to have more flowers in the yard.

This bouquet was placed in our bathroom after cleaning...another dragon wing begonia is in this arrangement.

Yes, stargazer lilies will grow in the shade.  I had to put this arrangement on the screened porch because the fragrance is sooooooo overpowering.

Now, if my house would only stay clean for as long as the flowers will stay pretty.

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