Happy Easter

by - April 24, 2011

I hope your Easter Sunday has been very special.
At our house, we have a few yearly traditions.
Everything starts with my daughter's "egg tree".
She goes into the Big Woods and chooses the perfect tree. It is then set up and decorated as she chooses. The Easter Bunny usually leaves a chocolate bunny under this special tree.
The Easter Bunny also hides little tiny chocolate bunnies all over our house. We are usually still finding chocolate bunnies well into summer.
And, of course we have just returned from our church's Sunrise Service. I hope you have the chance to attend Sunrise Services wherever you live. They are always very special and meaningful.
We will rest a little while and return to church for our regular Sunday Easter Service.
There will be beautiful singing and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.
Have a wonderful Easter!!!

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