Monday, January 10, 2011

Tennessee Snowfall

Lucy, from Attic24, will often say
 that she is feeling "heart-skippy".  Well, I have to say
that I know exactly what she is talking about; because, today I am feeling heart skippy.

Can you see our Little House in the Big Woods???
Well, this is what we woke to today...
eight gorgeous, beautiful, heart skippy inches of snow.

You have to understand that in Southern Tennessee, we are just not accustomed to this kind of snow.  It rarely ever snows this much here.

And when it does, we enjoy it to the fullest.
My day has been filled with sledding, snow man making, and of course, eating snow cream.

A special "thank-you" to my Sweet Home Alabama friend at Blooming on Bainbridge for reminding me to make "Snow Ice Cream".  If you have never made this delightful treat, she has a wonderful post that will guide you.
Here is our version:

It's funny, but I like how this picture turned out.  My camera lens was fogged over when I took it from taking pictures outside.

Here's hoping that your day is a little "heart skippy".


Together We Save said...

Yes it has been a wonderful day!!

Teresa said...

Look at that BEAUTIFUL snow!
It is snowing right now on Bainbridge Island!
Not sure if it's going to snow enough for SNOW ICE CREAM!
You made Snow Ice Cream!
Thanks for popping over to Bainbridge and making me SMILE with your sweet comments!
Stay COZY and WARM!


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