Happy Birthday

by - January 11, 2011

I am now the proud mother of two teenagers.  My daughter turned 13 today.  I think she has had a great birthday, in spite of the fact that we are snowed in at home.

This is my daughter's birthday cake.  It is made out of ice cream sandwiches with a delicious fudge/oreo filling.  If you would like to make one, just click on the link to find the video that I followed to prepare the cake.
(Sorry, for a while I had the wrong link above...but it is now correct.)

The layers look very pretty when cut.  I also like that it can be made a day or two ahead of time.

My very creative teenage daughter has found a fun way to display her miniature Lincoln Log house.
This display is very fitting with the eight inches of snow we still have in the Big Woods.

My husband and I both thought she had used coconut for snow, but she actually cut up little pieces of paper.

I am very proud of my daughter on her thirteenth birthday.  She is becoming a beautiful young lady...both inside and out. 
Happy Birthday, Sis!!!

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