Saturday, December 11, 2010

Old Fashioned Christmas Countdown

On the 11th day of Christmas...

My kids and I have always had a Christmas countdown.  When they were little, we would read a book, and then they would open a small gift.

Last year, we opted to not have our Christmas countdown, because just like many was tight at our house.

My daughter asked if this year it would be o.k. to do the countdown once again, but with an old fashioned theme.  (I think she was probably thinking this might be a little cheaper for us...things during the olden days didn't cost quite as much.)  She requested things like oranges, nuts, and old fashioned candy.  Things that I got from Santa in my "Christmas boot" when I was a little girl. 

So, we decided this would be fun!!!  I even wrapped each item with brown paper sacks to add to the old fashioned theme.

The only item I have not been able to find is the hard candy that my Grandmother use to keep at her house in her candy jar.  I have found some candy that is similar, but it does not have the candy fish that I remember always picking out and eating first at her house.  If anybody knows where I can find this candy, please let me know.


shell said...

Oops. I left my comment in the wrong place. Let me try again.

I think the candy you are referring to is Russell Stover's "Satins and Chips". My mom bought the same candy at Christmas and I also ate the little fish first! Don't know where you can find it. Holland's Drug Store, maybe?

Clara said...

What a great idea!


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