Hallelujah Tree

by - December 27, 2010

It's time for my daughter and I to decorate our Hallelujah Tree for the birds.  If you don't remember this tradition, here is my post from last year...2009 Hallelujah Tree.

This year, we decided to try some different decorations.

We punched holes in stale ice cream cones and added jute hangers.  These cones were then filled with bird seed.
We also spread peanut butter on some stale hamburger buns and then dipped these in bird seed.
My daughter strung raisins on wire and formed them into the shape of a heart, and she strung cheerios and fruit loops on jute to make a garland.

Our Hallelujah Tree has really grown since last year.  We had to climb higher on the ladder to reach the limbs to decorate. 
And here it is...

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