Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Dinner

The weather forecast called for snow on Christmas Day...and they were right.  We really did have a white Christmas in Tennessee.  Just a little dusting in the Big Woods this morning, and a little more snow tonight, but at least it has given us the feeling of Christmas.
We had a nice Christmas Eve with my Lynchburg Sister last night, then my Dependable Sister opened up her home this morning for a wonderful Christmas breakfast that we all worked to prepare. 
And finally this evening, my Nashville brother did the cooking.  Doesn't this turkey look divine??...Trust me, it was delicious.  He cooked it stuffed with lemons and moist and juicy.
Along with the turkey, he served this beautiful salad, colard greens, squash casserole...and
baked sweet potatoes!!!   It has been forever since I have had a baked sweet potato.  Yum.
This raspberry cheesecake with a chocolate graham crust was for dessert. 

Wonderful meal!
Wonderful family!
Wonderful day!
Merry Christmas.

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Clara said...

How perfectly lovely! Wishing you all the best in 2011!


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