Candy Turkeys

by - November 21, 2010

Aren't theses just the cutest things you have ever seen???
My daughter spent her Saturday afternoon making all of these candy turkeys.
I think they are just the cutest most adorable Thanksgiving turkeys in the world.
She used Oreos
mini Reese's cups
candy corn
m & m's
buttercream icing
and malted milk balls.
She says the secret is lining them up against something while the icing has time to set.
Also, it helps if you put the Reese's cups in the refrigerator before unwrapping.
Our only problem with making these precious turkeys was finding the candy corn.  We went to five different stores and nobody had candy corn.  So, she used what we had left from Halloween and substituted m & m's on part of the turkeys.
I think that's what makes these so cute...some are orange and some are red. 
Cute, cute, cute.
I'm just wondering if we will have any left by Thanksgiving Day.  Somehow, I dought they'll make it that long.
Sorry turkeys!!!!!
At least, we'll have the pictures.

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