Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long Table Party

More pictures as promised...
This was a very long table...enough to seat 40 people.
 The yellow flowers came from Kroger...everything else we cut from the side of the road.
 The red lanterns we moved from my front porch to a tree.  They were very pretty when lit after dark.
 The "long" tablecloth is just a piece of
extra wide muslin material.
 We had lots of candle light, a small fire, and tiki torches to help us see after dark.
 This is the dessert table...two pecan pies, three variations of Paula Deen butter gooeys (the pecan coconut was my favorite, but the double chocolate went first), and a chocolate cake.
The fruit tea you see above in the pretty jar went first:
3 family size tea bags
2 cups sugar
1 large frozen pineapple/orange juice
1 small frozen lemonade
Add water to make a gallon.
Good food, great friends, fun music, and beautiful weather made for a nice evening.


CM said...

What a celebration! So lovely.

Prairiemaid said...

Do you do this every year? Everything looks like so much fun and you seem to do it with grace!

Have a great week!


Clara said...

Is this a get together for something in particular, maybe a reunion? Looks like fun.

Together We Save said...

I am so sad I missed it... I hope you had a good crowd. You had amazing weather for it, at least the weather in Knoxville was awesome.

Prairiemaid said...

Thanks for coming by and commenting/answering my questions.

I am thinking of doing this for Thanksgiving, as we are outgrowing the dinning room (with more grands on the way!). This would be so much fun.

Possibly by then, we will have had a freeze to get rid of part of the flying varmints and will have pretty weather over Thanksgiving.

I have loved seeing your beautiful tables and the peaceful setting. Thank you so much for sharing.


(Now to get honey-hunk to move the goats to another pasture.;)

Wanda B. said...

That is so neat, snd looks so peaceful.


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