I Saw God Today

by - September 20, 2010

Well...it actually all started yesterday.
I was at a family reunion.  The one we have every year at a beautiful little white country church beside a creek. 
My mother's youngest brother...my uncle...who just celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary and is approaching the young age of 80 announced that he had something for his nieces and nephews in his car.  He preceded to pass out numbers...he had one number for each of us to match the gift he had in his car.
What he pulled from his car is still taking my breath away.
Fourteen pictures...
Fourteen beautifully painted pictures...
It was actually fourteen beautifully hand cross stitched pictures.  Tiny, tiny, tiny little crosses...thousands of crosses...each one made one at a time.   Hours and hours of tiny little crosses.  All put together to look like a beautiful picture when viewed from afar. 
We were amazed.
He tells us he began these around the year 2004.  He worked 6-7 hours a night for 3-4 months on each picture.  They were pictures transformed into patterns by a computer.  And then, he lovingly cross stitched.
(You can see the tiny crosses if you click on a picture.)
My sister told him, a million dollars would not have been more special.
I saw God in that church yesterday.
And when I look at my picture...in my house...made by my Uncle Jim...I will see God every day!!!

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