Monday, September 13, 2010

Embroidered Pillow Cases

This is another great bargain from the Dog Days Flea Market.  I found these hand embroidered cotton pillowcases for $4.00
This pair of pillowcases has the embroidery work on the front and the back...which is unusual.
They are also trimmed in a very pretty lace.
Both cases are in great condition.
I have washed them, ironed them, and placed them on my bed.  I really like the quality of the material in these older pillowcases. 
I'll be sharing my favorite purchase with you tomorrow.


Karen said...

What a great find! Those pillowcases look so inviting! I'll have to check back tomorrow and see what your favorite purchase was.

Together We Save said...

These are beautiful. So I have to ask do you go out and find things like this for the Harvest Festival?


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