Thursday, September 2, 2010


Do you go to church???

We do.  Right now, we have a new pastor.  He is doing a wonderful job.  I leave church on Sundays feeling refreshed and challenged to go through my week.  His sermons leave me thinking...which is a good thing.  I am inviting everyone I see to come and visit our church.  If you live close to us...I invite you, too.

Do you go to church???

I have always gone to church.  When I was a child, my Dad insisted we go to church every Sunday.  There was no excuse to miss.  I don't even remember missing because I was sick.  On Sunday morning, we got dressed and went to church.

Do you go to church???

As he got older, even my Dad began to miss church occasionally.  My husband and I will sometimes declare a family day, and venture away for a day.  Lots of folks miss church for sports events or family reunions that are scheduled on Sundays.  I think it is somehow sad that most of us no longer adhere to the idea of not missing church for any reason.

Do you go to church???

I do believe it is possible to be a Christian without attending "church".  But I do worry about children who are not raised in a church.  They are sent to the best schools, purchased the best clothes, signed up for baseball teams or cheer camp, but never taken to church to learn about Jesus.  Somehow this is a lot of time wasted on things that really don't matter at all.

Do you go to church???

I encourage you all to try it.  You don't have to attend my church, you don't have to attend a church of my denomination, but do at least try to find a place where you are comfortable and can become closer to God.  You might even find yourself committing to not miss a Sunday.

Do you go to church???


CM said...

That's awesome you have such a wonderful new pastor! I love it when I can come away from a message really feeling the holy spirit working inside me.

Together We Save said...

I try and go. :-) It is sad to me also how Church seems to be on the back burner, what we do when we have time. I know my girls will never feel about church the way I do, the way I was raised.


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