Ice Cream in a Baggie

by - August 20, 2010

My daughter has a couple of school friends who have come home with us to spend the night.  They are having great fun.

We decided it would be fun to have a special treat and make ice cream in a baggie for our dessert after our meal.  It has been a long time since I have made this special treat.

To make this ice cream you will need:
     1 Tablespoon sugar
     1/2 cup milk
     1/4 teaspoon vanilla
     6 Tablespoons salt
     1 quart freezer bag
     1 gallon freezer bag

First, fill the gallon bag half full with ice...
then add the 6 tablespoons of salt.
Set aside.
Next, add the following ingredients to the quart baggie...
sugar, milk, and vanilla.

Close the small baggie and shake to mix the ingredients.
Next, place the quart baggie inside the gallon baggie.
Check to be sure both baggies are closed securely.
You'll need some gloves (or in our case socks) to keep your hands warm.
Shake for 5 minutes.


And finally, it is ready.
After 5 minutes remove the quart baggie and wipe it down good with a wet cloth.
Open the baggie and enjoy!!!

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