Blue Tablecloth

by - August 28, 2010

Not far from our home is a little country store called
The Green Valley General Store.
We pass by the store often, but I have not stopped there
in years.
My Sewing Sister recently told me that the store had been featured on Tennessee Crossroads.  The store has several specialties, one of which is fried pies.  I decided to stop today to purchase a couple of fried pies...which I was apple and the other chocolate.  They were absolutely delicious.  I cannot believe that this store is only 3-4 minutes from my house, and I have not been shopping with them.
I also purchased this tablecloth while I was there.  I have been needing
something to cover my dining room table for a while...and this tablecloth
works very well.
Green Valley General Store
They also sell:

  • ice cold lemonade

  • baked goods

  • candies

  • jellies

  • quilts

  • antiques

  • glassware

  • soups

  • sandwiches

  • and much more

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