Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirt Pillows

What great fun!
This is my latest addition to my Etsy Shop.
Pillows made from cotton shirts.

My Lynchburg Sister gladly let me display them on her beautiful wicker chair.
They can be displayed with buttons and pockets showing... or not...
Aren't these just fun pillows???
And they are now available in my Etsy Shop!


Together We Save said...

Very cute... my daughter was telling me about these... I could not get an idea of what she meant. Wonderful idea!

Farah said...

They are beautiful... and a very creative use of shirts, really like it and I am sure i will made some like these for my son's room whose room colour scheme is blue...
Please visit
Hope you enjoy it

Amy said...

So cute! What a wonderful idea!


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