Make Your Own Butter

by - July 02, 2010

I have tried in the past to plan out things for my kids to do during the summer. This summer, they have had more "I'm bored" time.  I am learning, it is during this "bored" time that kids learn to be creative.  Guitars are picked up and played, pictures are drawn, and crafts are produced.

This week my daughter saw a page in her Little House on the Prairie Activity Book that told how to make butter.  "Can we buy some whipping cream?" she asked me. 

"Sure," I said.

And she took it from there.

She poured the whipping cream in a quart jar.  Then, she put the lid on tightly.

Then she started shaking...and shaking...and shaking... until
butter began to form on the sides of the jar.
Next, she removed the butter to a piece of cloth.
Then, she pressed until all the "butter" milk was drained.
Now the fun part.  Opening the cloth to remove the butter.
Very interesting!!!
She then scraped the butter from the cloth and pressed it into a mold.
And now, we have beautiful butter to serve on our table.
Not bad for someone who was "bored"!!!

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