by - July 31, 2010


Just a few pictures from my Lynchburg Sister's home.  We had a sister/brother luncheon there last week.  She made lunch for us which was absolutely delicious.
If you have never been to Lynchburg, Tennessee, you are missing out.  The town square is delightful.  It seems that every time we go to visit, there is some new shop that has moved in to town.  This year, the new shop was the Knotty Ewe.  This is a new "knitting" shop, so as you can imagine, I was in heaven.  The shop was full of specialty yarns and such.  I purchased a couple of yarns, and I have already begun a scarf that I will share later.

We also enjoyed visiting a couple of new antique stores.  One of these stores is called the Cow Pattie store.  Yes, I said the Cow Pattie store.  She sells antiques and special pots made of cow manure to help your flowers grow. 
Go figure.

I have shared a few pictures from my Lynchburg Sister's home, and I will share more later.  She is proud to live in Lynchburg, and her home reflects that.  You will notice in one of the above pictures, she has a picture of the famous Mrs. Mary Bobo's restaurant sitting in her kitchen. 

  My Lynchburg sister and her husband moved into this home a few years ago and completely remodeled it.  She has decorated it beautifully by hand painting furniture and shopping at discount stores. 
It is always a joy to visit her home and her town.

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