Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sister Day

Today was Impromtu Sister Day.
We headed to my Lynchburg Sister's pool home to
eat and swim.
First, there was tuna noodle casserole (I'll share a tutorial later), limas, and green beans.
Doesn't this plate look yummy???
My Lynchburg Sister has a way with making things look lovely...even the rolls.
After lunch and a brief rain shower, the pool was ready for us.
Then, there was swimming, lounging, and lots of talking.
It is so nice that the four of us have the summer off from work.
Sorry Nashville Brother that you missed the fun.  Somebody has to work during the summer.  We can only imagine that you are very very busy right now.  We will cook for you another day.

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terrid614 said...

hi joyce! thanks so much for stopping by dessertordiet! i am so jealous you are a teacher and get to enjoy the whole summer without worrying about work!!! enjoy your time off! oh and the pool looks quite wonderful!!


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