Fred Thompson

by - June 06, 2010

      Today's Sunday Fun Read 
 recommendation is obvious if you live in 
 Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.  Hot off the presses
 is the new book, Teaching the Pig to Dance,
 written by Fred Thompson. 

      My family just returned from the bookstore,
 where we purchased our own copy of this new
 book.  My  husband will be present on the
 Lawrenceburg square this Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 where Fred Thompson will be waiting to sign autographs.  This book is mostly about Mr. Thompson's hometown...which just so happens to be our hometown.  Isn't that cool???

     Yes, we all remember Fred Thompson's bid for the presidency.  We were among the many local people who gathered on the Lawrenceburg square to cheer on Mr. Thompson when he announced his candidacy for President.  I will never forget that day, and I hope it is an experience that my children will always remember.  We held our signs of support and cheered and cheered.  It was great fun.

Of course, we were terribly disappointed when that nomination never came to be, but we are still proud to claim Fred Thompson as a local hero.

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