Monday, June 28, 2010


I remember when I was little, I thought that caladiums, coleus, hostas, and begonias were old lady flowers.  I could not see why anyone would want to plant them in their garden.
I now love these shade loving plants.  They are the plants that add color to my Big Woods garden.  I think this probably means that I am definitely getting older.
I have tried different varieties of caladiums every year.  I try to winter the bulbs each year; but last year, I waited too late to dig the bulbs.  So this year, I had to buy new bulbs.
All of my caladium bulbs this year came from a sale at
Home Depot.


Paige said...

Beautiful! Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting on my SITS day! Hope you have a great week.

Farah said...

Oh Joyce I love your thinking that you are saying ....
I think this probably means that I am definitely getting older.
The same feelings now I have many many times, the things which I dislike in my childhood are mostly now my favourite.. its TIME TIME AND TIME ..

I am a lover of indoor plants, but not a good gardner, ( i dont know why).Your Caladiums are beautiful and very healthy, I had two last year but I lost them while shifting to another house...
Love to see you and if you have a bit time than please visit me here at
Hope you have some opinion for me.. Love

Together We Save said...

Your Caladiums are beautiful... my mom's favorite outdoor plant.

Comeca Jones said...

Take a look at mine I love caladiums they are the best!Your garden spaces are just lovely.

Sunny Day said...

Have you caladiums every bloomed? I planted them for the first time this year and one bloomed. But I wasn't fast enough to get a picture. I live in southeast Alabama.


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