by - May 02, 2010

Wow...what a week!

I feel like I have fallen off the planet for a few days.
My daughter had two big trips that she and I were to enjoy this past weekend and tomorrow.  We have been so busy this week with our normal activities and getting ready for these trips.

We left Friday afternoon for America Sings in Nashville, TN.  My daughter's school chorus was to perform on Saturday.  The picture you see is from downtown Nashville on Friday night...we had a wonderful opening ceremony and practice leading up to the main activities to be held on Saturday.

Of course, the Saturday festivities never happened.  We woke Saturday morning to rain.  Our wonderful leaders had a back-up plan to take the kids to the Discovery Science Center.  We went there to wait out the rain and storms...and then the unimagineable happened.  Flooding!   We could not leave the Science Center because interstates were flooded. 

The kids played and played and were very well behaved.  We wasted time at a Cracker Barrel while our leaders analyzed the situation and made some very wise decisions about what we should do.  We finally made it home about 10:30 last night.

And wow!

Have you seen the news?  Flooding today in Nashville has been overwhelming.  My daughter and I saw pictures on the news of places we visited Friday night that are now covered in water.  The picture above of the State Capital was made from an area that today is covered in water...located next to the Farmer's Market.

We are so thankful for the safe return of our students.  We are thankful for the fun that we had in spite of the circumstances.  We are thankful for the calm guidance of our leaders:). 

And now...

We are suppose to leave at 6:30 in the morning to go on another trip with my daughter's advanced class to sleep in a cave in Kentucky and then, float the Cumberland River on Tuesday.  I really don't think we will even leave for this one...surely it will be cancelled ahead of time. 
(Sure enough, I just got the word it has been cancelled.)

Wow...what a mess.  I feel so bad for the people who have been affected by this flooding.  Our issues seem so small compared to them.  We'll hope for a brighter day tomorrow.

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