We Survived Spelunking and Sleeping in a Cave

by - May 15, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray...
We finally got to make up our trip to the Cumberland Caverns and the Renaissance Fair.
After being canceled because of the Nashville Flood, we were able to make up my daughter's LEAP Field Trip yesterday and today.
Our first stop was spelunking at Cumberland Caverns.
That is my daughter crawling through the test box that you have to prove you can make it through before you can actually go spelunking.
O.K. so, I did not actually go spelunking.  I opted to wait for the walking tour.
My daughter loved the adventure of the spelunking tour. 
Then, we spent the night in the cave.
I cannot believe that I actually spent the night in a cave.
Today, we go up, ate breakfast in the cave, and then headed to the Renaissance Festival in Murfreesboro.
There was jousting, joking, juggling, and jolly merrymaking.
We saw people dressed in all kinds of period costumes.
We were surprised by how many people visiting the fair were dressed in the clothing of the day.
The highlight of the day was finally seeing the castle Gwynn up close.
It was a beautiful two days,and we had great fun with our LEAP friends.

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