Summer Sunday Fun Read

by - May 30, 2010

I thought we would take a break today from our usual Sunday Fun Read for kids and talk about a book for us ladies to enjoy over the summer.  I am to have purchased a copy of this book just yesterday.

     Ree Drummond began a blog a few years ago about leaving her city life to marry a rancher in Oklahoma.  It features some of her favorite recipes.  You can find her blog,, listed in my favorites's section.  The recipes are wonderful; easy to read and follow.  She has more than just recipes included in her blog.  There are funny stories, lessons on photography, and discussions of family life.

Ree recently turned parts of her blog into a new book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I have been wanting this book for quite some time, but just hadn't gotten around to purchasing one.  After receiving a gift card to one of our local book stores...I knew this book would now be mine.  I have only begun to read the first few pages, and I love it.

The pictures are wonderful, the recipes are tempting, and the stories are fun to read.  If you get a chance to purchase a copy for yourself, you won't be sorry. 

I am even thinking with all of this time on my hands this summer, I may even be able to try out some of the recipes.  I'd love to start with the homemade cinnamon rolls.  Yum.

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