Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Squirrels in the Big Woods

I do believe I have discovered what has been stealing my flowers.
We have squirrels all over the Big Woods.
We have never had a problem with squirrels until this summer.
We are pretty sure it is because of the passing of our cat, Chase.
Chase was a beautiful cat.
He was very good at keeping squirrels, mice, snakes, etc. "chased" away from our home.
We lost Chase over the winter.
Now, we have lots and lots of squirrels.
The Big Woods may be short on flowers this summer.
We miss you, Chase.


Together We Save said...

I am not a cat person but living where you do I am sure you need one. Squirels are awful about tearing up plants, flowers, and a lot more.

Lorie J said...

Chase was such a pretty cat. I never knew the origin of his name :)


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