Serenity...School's Out for the Summer

by - May 26, 2010

The most wonderful thing I have learned from Attic24 is the art of putting flowers by my bedside.  They offer such peace, such calmness, such serenity.

And oh what serenity we shall have for the next few weeks...
school is officially out for the summer.
I love this feeling at the beginning of summer.
Life has been so incredibly busy, and then suddenly it all stops.
Then, the summer looms before you with endless possibilities.
We often worry about the chance that we might get bored, and then the next thing we know, it is time for the first day of school.

I stopped and picked the beautiful roses in the picture above on my way home this afternoon from the side of the road.  We have wild roses growing everywhere this time of year along the country road sides.  I always know it is time for my Lynchburg sister's anniversary when I see these roses, because she actually used them to decorate for her outdoor wedding.  Wild roses and queenanne's lace made for a beautiful wedding.

It was a great school year.
I taught an exceptionally smart and respectful Sixth grade.
Tomorrow, my own kids and I will sleep late and then go swimming.
Happy summer.

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