Nashville Flood

by - May 03, 2010

Something good is coming...
And yes, it has to do with strawberries.
I am getting ready to share a very special recipe with you.
We need something special around here.
We have spent today watching local coverage of the Nashville flood...oh my.  It seems to be getting worse and worse.
We have been out of school today, and we will be out again tomorrow.
It seems we have some local roads that have been damaged.
So...I am catching up on some much needed time around the house.
My daughter has not been "too" upset about missing her trip.
She tells me she feels selfish for being upset about missing her trip after watching all the people on television who have lost their homes.
I think that is a great way of looking at things...feeling selfish.
How ironic that we were suppose to ride the General Jackson on the Cumberland River tomorrow.
The General Jackson is now sitting in the parking lot of the Opryland Hotel.
Let us pray for these people.

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