by - May 20, 2010


I have had some time to work in my yard.

I love springtime...but things get so busy at school.  It seems like life just stops every where else while we end the school year.

It felt so good last evening to come home and plant a few flowers.

I also took a few pictures while I was working in the yard.
There are very few flowering plants that can be used in a shade garden.
My favorite green plant has to be the hosta.
Hostas look especially nice after they have just come out of the ground. 
This blue hosta is one of my favorites. 
 I purchased it several years ago, and I have divided it several times.
It adds a little different coloring to the shade garden.
Hostas are very easy to grow.
I'll take some pictures of the flowers I planted once they have had a chance to grow.

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