Have you ever heard of a Whangdoodle???

by - May 23, 2010

Only one and a half days of school remaining for us...whohoooooo.

We handed out over 20 tropheys at Awards Day on Friday to our Sixth Graders for Accelerated Reading.  Tomorrow we are having a "Buy to Build Your Own Sundae" Party.  Kids who got their AR points for the nine weeks get a bowl of ice cream.  Then, they buy the toppings for their ice cream with their AR points.  Chocolate syrup costs 2 points, m&m's cost 4 points and so on.

I really believe in Accelerated Reading...if you know good books to read.  That is the key.

And so...we have today's Sunday Fun Read.

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles was written by famous singer and actress Julie Andrews.  This book is a wonderful book of imaginative fiction.  It is one you cannot put down because you really want to find out what a Whangdoodle is....

Happy Reading!!!

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