Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who Gets This Excited About Extracts???

In the middle of my Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies' tutorial, I referred to my favorite flavoring...Happy Home Vanilla Flavoring.  We buy this flavoring around here from the United Methodist Ladies.  I went to see one of the ladies on Thursday to purchase more kinds of flavoring to make my favorite pound cake...Five Flavor Pound cake.

A tutorial for this pound cake will be coming is delicious, fabulous, scrumptious.

The cake I make uses vanilla, rum, butter&nut, coconut, and lemon flavorings.

On Friday, I made a visit to one of my favorite antique stores, Candy's Memories.  It just so happens to be my favorite because I have a shelf in the store.

How I was leaving the store, I spotted a bottle of Happy Home Lemon Flavoring.  Guess what?  It was an antique glass bottle with a red metal lid.  Of course, I had to purchase it.

As I said before, who gets this excited about extracts???


Preggo said...

Ummmm. . you TOTALLY need to see the movie 'Extract'. It's an indie flick starring Jason Bateman and that chick from That 70's Show about. . . well. . . extract. All types. An extract factory. Sounds boring, but its got great acting and script and its actually not boring at all. But you made me think of it, because they all love extract.

Anyways. . . . I stopped by from the UBP - and I'm glad I did!!! Nice to meetcha!!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Hello, I'm here for the party!

My name is Niki and I am your newest reader. I look forward to reading on to get to know you better.

Come on by and visit me during the party; I'm hosting a giveaway you won't want to miss!

Melanie said...

the extracts look yummy and i too have seen the movie referenced above. He was totally into them ha ha. Happy UBP

Amy said...

How neat you finding the old bottle with metal lid. They just don't make things the way they "used to", do they???


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