Who Gets This Excited About Extracts???

by - April 10, 2010

In the middle of my Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies' tutorial, I referred to my favorite flavoring...Happy Home Vanilla Flavoring.  We buy this flavoring around here from the United Methodist Ladies.  I went to see one of the ladies on Thursday to purchase more kinds of flavoring to make my favorite pound cake...Five Flavor Pound cake.

A tutorial for this pound cake will be coming soon...it is delicious, fabulous, scrumptious.

The cake I make uses vanilla, rum, butter&nut, coconut, and lemon flavorings.

On Friday, I made a visit to one of my favorite antique stores, Candy's Memories.  It just so happens to be my favorite because I have a shelf in the store.

How ironic...as I was leaving the store, I spotted a bottle of Happy Home Lemon Flavoring.  Guess what?  It was an antique glass bottle with a red metal lid.  Of course, I had to purchase it.

As I said before, who gets this excited about extracts???

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