Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The UBP After-Party

The Ultimate Blog Party is over...and what a week it was.  I had great fun visiting lots of new blogs and making new friends.  It has been a pleasure to have been visited by so many bloggers.

The After Party includes a challenge for me to pick my three favorite new blogs.  So here goes.
  • http://www.ilovemy5kids.blogspot.com/ - The writer of this blog has my kitchen...all white.  She has recently redone it with a very unique technique that I am looking into for my own kitchen.  She has family friendly ideas, and one of my favorite prayers is listed on the side of her post. 

  • http://www.soimarriedamennonite.com/ - I live in an area with lots of Amish...so the title of this blog caught my attention.  This writer has a very unique story and is faced with the day to day challenges of living away from home.  She is funny and her blogs are fun to read.

  • http://www.housequeen.blogspot.com/ - I enjoyed this blog because it is written by a teacher.  She is very funny.  She loves her two boys and currently has a post about them that is adorable.

Well, there you have my favorites.  I was excited to learn that I won a prize from this party.  I had a great time, and I will be joining the fun again next year.


Together We Save said...

I have never joined that... have to say did not really know what it was. Sounded fun!!

Cheryl D. said...

Hi! I'm just popping by via the UBP! Yes, I'm a party animal! Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi.Awesome Blog.Well bye. :] hehe


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