by - April 11, 2010

Sooner or later, I know I will run out of books to recommend...but for now, my list just keeps going and going.  The book I am going to recommend for you today is at the top of my favorite list. 

I no longer get to share this book with my class, because it is a book that is read aloud  in Seventh Grade.  It is a book that kids cannot put down.  It is one of those books where you try to figure out the end, but you just can't seem to figure out the twist.

Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis is about an orphan who is trying to find his father, except there is so much more to this book than just that.  Buddy believes that his father is a famous jazz musician, and he is determined to prove himself right.

This is a great book, and I highly recommend it for boys and girls.

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