It's a Small World

by - April 18, 2010

Sunday Fun Read will return next week.

Today I want to talk about my nephew.

I'm sure you have seen the reports on the news about the volcano that is erupting in Iceland.  It has halted air traffic in various parts of the world.  We have watched the news reports feeling bad for all the people who are stranded...but little did we know my nephew is one of them.

My Sewing Sister's son is stuck in England.  He is there on a business trip with his company.  He has traveled there before and will probably go again...but for now, he is stuck.

The smallness of our world boggles my mind these days.

I wonder when my Sewing Sister was changing his diapers, did she ever imagine that her son would be traveling on business to England one day?

I wonder when my parents were raising their kids, did they ever imagine they would have a grandson traveling to England on business one day?

I wonder when looking at my own children what is ahead for them and my grandchildren one day?  I can't even imagine.

Our world is so small.

I hope my nephew is patient as he waits.  I know he will miss his family, but I hope he looks for the positive in his situation and makes the most of his stay.  I know his wife and kids will be most glad to see him when he returns.

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